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Having developed the original Mazda RX8 into a very successful endurance racing car, it became apparent that the standard Mazda RX8 chassis was capable of handling much high power levels. In order to fill the void in performance between the Taranis and the Mazda RX8, the Team built the Mazda RX87 FD. This drew upon the experience with the original RX8, allowing them to improve the development on the chassis further still, to which they added a Mazda 13B-REW single turbo engine which produces around 400bhp. Mated to a sequential transmission, the superb RX8 chassis finally had a powertrain to match. The RX87 FD is a full endurance specification racecar, suitable for Britcar or 750MC Club Enduro.

MacG Racing Mazda RX87 FD

The specification of the car has been selected to be adapatable for both sprint and endurance racing, and is as follows:

  • Mazda 13B-REW single turbo 1.3 rotary, prepared by Rotary Revs, tuned and ported with upgraded ignition system, oil cooling, lightweight flywheel and ceramic race clutch. Borg Warner 7670 EFR turbo
  • Custom intercooler and high capacity radiator
  • Motec M150 ECU and logging system
  • Motec C127 dash
  • Lightweight stainless steel custom race exhaust system
  • Drenth DG350 sequential race transmission
  • Adjustable plate LSD with external cooler
  • Lightweight polycarbonate windows and heated front windscreen
  • 80 litre ATL fuel tank with ATL dry break fuelling
  • High downforce aero kit including front splitter, diffuser and rear wing
  • AP 6 pot brakes front and 2 pot rear
  • High power HID headlights with auxiliary LED high power spotlights
  • Quantum a djustable dampers and upgraded suspension
  • 4 on-board AP air jacks
  • Braid lightweight 18 x 9 flowform wheels all round
  • Autotel digital pit to car radio

The build has resulted in a car that, like all our builds, is highly competitive and is incredibly easy to drive, whether you are a novice or a 24hr race veteran. For information on drives and packages, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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