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Traditionally known as being predominantly a motorcycle biased circuit, Cadwell Park has it all – undulations, twisty sections, fast sweeping corners and long straights. After the warm-up session it was clear that although the Lotus was fast round the tight corners, once again the lack of power showed as the car struggled to make progress up the steep hill down the back straight. The Lotus’ quickest time from the warm-up was 1:47.59 as MacGregor got to know the circuit.

Cadwell Park

The practice was again used to get to know the very technical circuit, and start hitting the correct turn in points more consistently. MacGregor managed to knock off 2.5seconds to clock up a time of 1:45.14, putting him midway up the group, and 7th in class.

Heading into the qualifying, MacGregor knew there was more to come from the car. A couple of yellow flags spoiled a couple of MacG Racing’s quicker laps in the session, with a couple more laps messed up with traffic. However, pushing a bit harder, and being slightly ‘braver’ through some of the quicker corners, the onboard timer showed one lap was over a 1.2 seconds up on his quickest time from the practice. Heading into the mountain section, he pushed hard, and went to overtake a slowing competitor into the final corner, when the other car pulled straight in front of the orange Lotus Exige, forcing MacGregor to take avoiding action and take to the grass slightly, and go round the outside of the slower car. Despite this, MacGregor still managed to knock off another 0.5 seconds, clocking up 1:44.48. A furious MacGregor, who was aiming for mid to low 1:43’s still managed to make it through to the final with this time, for the first time this season.

The final – the first 4 laps were spent trying to get a clear run, as traffic issues seemed to occur on each lap. Halfway through the session, one of the Honda’s blew up spectacularly on the quickest part of the track, spilling oil and coolant all over the track on the racing line. It took over half an hour to clear up the car and debris, however the fluids that were spilt on the track did no favours for the drivers trying to improve their time. With this effectively ending any chance of a quick lap, MacGregor ended up with a traffic-impaired 1:45.1.

As usual the speed trap figures showed the true issues; MacGregor’s quickest speed for the day was 109.8mph, with Fiona Kindness in her Skyline clocking 138.1 on the same trap!

Click the link below for a full gallery of photos from the event.

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