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Round 1 took place at a very sunny Oulton Park on Saturday 24th April 2010. Having not used the Lotus Exige on this track before, the aim of the first session was to become familiar with the track and indeed the car and its capabilities. We posted a time of 1:42.56 in the warm-up which put us 14th out of 33 in Club Class, and 4th out of 11 in the under 3l category. The car felt very composed and it felt like it had a lot more left in it which was very confidence inspiring.

Oulton Park

In the practice session MacGregor started pushing harder, as we was less than 2 seconds off the pace of the leader in the under 3l category. However, as the speed picked up, the wheels started rubbing on the wheel arch liners (on all four corners), which started giving us some major understeer problems. Despite this, we managed to shave 0.8 seconds off the lap time, posting a time of 1:41.7, coming in 6th in the under 3l class.

Before the qualifying session, we stiffened up the antiroll bar to maximum on the front, hoping this would alleviate the rubbing issue. We went out in the qualifying requiring to finish 5th or higher to make it through to the Superfinal. Whilst the antiroll bar helped, we were still getting significant rubbing under cornering. Initially MacGregor got held up on the first few laps of the session by slower cars and then lost two flying laps due to yellow flags. As a result we posted a time of 1:42.72, which meant we finished 8th in class, missing out on a Superfinal place by 2 seconds.

Click the link below for a full gallery of photos from the event.

Time Attack @ Oulton Park 24-04-10

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